Choosing a Permanent Hair Removal Method

Hair removal from unwanted areas has been a practice for centuries. People of all cultures remove hair for one reason or another. Shaving one’s head is a common practice in some religions. Sometimes hair is removed from the body for medical reasons. Also, there are social, cultural and sexual reasons for removing hair.

In every society, there is a belief that every male and female have an ideal amount of hair on their body. Not doing this may put them in real or perceived negative social situations. Some women remove hair from their pubic area for sexual reasons. Transsexual women undergoing genital re-assignment surgery from man to woman remove hair from body, especially on the face, to have a feminine look. Hair removal from the head is sometimes resorted to as a form of punishment or prank in some cultures.

Women desire permanent hair removal because they do not like to shave weekly or have embarrassing rashes or bumps that some hair removal methods leave behind. They also desire permanent hair removal of the pubic area because it increases sexual satisfaction and some think it makes them sexier.

Body areas

Except for the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, lips, and on certain areas of genital structure, hair can be seen growing in all areas of the human body. However, in some areas it is most noticeable like on the head or face. Permanent hair removal is usually desired for the face (for women), armpits, legs and pubic areas.

Hair removal methods

Hair removal methods There are many methods available for removing one’s hair. There are many products on the market for hair removal. However, choosing a permanent hair removal method depends upon the area of target and on the likely effects the method may have on the user.

Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal is technically defined as removal of hair for at least one year. While it is true that there are many ways remove hair from legs or other body areas, the only method that is FDA approved to remove hair for at least a year is electrolysis. Another method, laser, does remove hair permanently but only removes some of the hairs, resulting in thinning of the visible hair (called permanent hair reduction). Laser hair removal works only on coarse dark hair where there is a contrast of very pale skin. The laser destroys all the dark pigment and thus the dark hair.


Electrolysis has been around for over 100 years and is very safe. It uses electricity to remove hair permanently from the hair follicle. There are several different methods of electrolysis as galvonic, thermolysis, and blend. Each of these methods are equally effective.


This system uses the human body as an “electrolytic cell”. At some point during the process, sodium hydroxide is formed and this destroys the follicle.

Thermolysis RF (Radio Frequency)

In this method, a radio frequency is used to effectively raise the follicle’s matrix to 48 degrees Celsius and thus destroy the hair follicle by heat.


This uses a combination of the above two methods to destroy the hair follicle in the matrix, where the hair begins its cellular growth.

Potential dangers

As with all other things in life, it is important to make sure the doctor or electrologist is a professional with a certificate. Many people out there do not know what they are doing and are making money while injuring people for life. Electrology involves electricity and can do much damage if not done correctly. So, be sure to check the background of any professional you decide to get this type of permanent hair removal from.

Experimental or doubtful methods

There are several other methods for permanent hair removal that are not used because the have become outdated or very unsafe. Some of these are: X-rays - this was once considered efficient and permanent, but often resulted in illness and even death. Photodynamic method - this is a method that has been in use experimentally since the 1980s and is used for removing cancerous tumors.

Choosing a permanent hair removal method depends upon the individual, the area and type of hair to be removed. While selecting the method, care should be taken to analyze how the method works, the effects of the energy source used on the body and the success rate of others who have used it. It is also important to make sure the person providing the service is a professional. Getting referrals from his or her previous clients is also a very good idea. Blindly choosing a permanent hair removal method without having regards for the above may be more trouble than the hair to be removed poses.

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