Choosing a Permanent Hair Removal Professional

Hair removal methodsThough some hair removing methods can be performed at home, some permanent and temporary methods require the services of a professional. There are number of salons and clinics undertaking hair removal in a professional manner. Choosing a permanent hair removal professional is the prerogative of the person undergoing the process. Some considerations to think about when choosing a hair removal professional are discussed below.


In this process, electric current is sent through a metal probe pressed into hair follicles. The chemical formed by the reaction of salt and water on the body or the heat energy formed because of the vibrations caused on the water molecules by the current or the combination of both chemical and heat energy causes the destruction of hair growing cells around the probes.

Electrolysis is by far the best method for permanent hair removal with rich records of accomplishment of results. However, before choosing this option a professional electrologist should be chosen. Because any improper performance by the professional not only will not deliver good results but also can damage skin, spread infection and result in partial to full re-growth of hair. It is important to check credentials and if at all possible to get referrals from previous clients.

Laser, flashlamp and photoepilators

The mechanism of all these devices is based on light. The effect of light energy has on the removal of hair is made use of in these apparatuses. The operations of these things require the service of a light-based practitioner/professional. Of these, laser and photoepilators are effective in a small area while a larger area of hair is removed in flashlamp technology.

Microwave hair removal

The special character of microwaves of being absorbed by water, fat and other things and its nature of making molecules of the absorbed substance vibrate resulting in heat generation are better used in this method. However, there is extremely limited or no data available for better results. The performer of this method has to be doubly cautious as the microwaves can heat all the water and fat on the skin of the patient.

Transdermal and transcutaneous methods

These methods, though supposed to deliver permanent results, are doubtful in that no clinical data are available for their success. It depends upon the performer-professional’s versatility in the operation and the response of the treated person for better results. The use of electricity in both these methods adds to the dangerous way these methods are performed. One should choose the professional of this method after much deliberation only.


Some people have experienced that combining two permanent methods (one following the other) can yield good results. For example, laser and electrolysis treatments are followed one another to have better results. In some cases, a permanent hair removing method is supplemented by the intake of antiandrogen or topical drug vaniqua by the person undergoing treatment. Two professionals need to be chosen in this case to avoid any side effects one method may deliver by the use of the other.

It is always the safest to seek the treatment with qualified dermatologist/ physician/ technician for hair removal as it will be more effective with fewer side effects. Unqualified practitioners of these processes are the best-known cause for serious skin damage. Do not forget to make detailed enquiry about the professional.

A trained electrologist should have the following certifications: AEA (American Electrology Association), IGPE (International Guild of Professional Electrologists), and SCME (Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists) amongst others. Ask regarding his or her credentials, experience, brand and model of instrument he will be using during treatment, span of treatment, and the number of treatments to get the desired results. Compare these answers with the data available elsewhere.

It is also essential to discuss the side effects and the cost of treatment with the professional prior to the treatment. Also, get a skin assessment done by a qualified dermatologist before the treatment. This will help the professional to choose the right treatment of hair removal for you.

It is indeed an art to choose a skillful permanent hair removal professional who has been a master of his or her field. Choosing the wrong person will not only cost money and time but also can result in serious skin problems. The experience of a person choosing a permanent hair removal professional may be unique. No two persons’ result may be the same. So, choose your own method and own professional considering all the facts available.

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