Permanent Hair Removal Cost

Permanent hair removal costs more than temporary hair removal but the same difference is also seen in the after effects of the two techniques. Clinics offering permanent hair removal suggest consultation prior to quoting the hair removal prices as well as referrals from prior clients of the practitioner.

Cost factor:

Hormone deficiencies cause facial hair growth in women. The hair is noticeable only if it is darker or thicker. Variation of growth is seen in males with shafts of thick, dense and even distribution of hairs. Hairs on the backs of males are sparse and in fine flecks of hair. The pricing structure of removal of such distribution of hairs varies with different techniques of permanent hair removal and with different clinics. The pricing of different permanent hair removal are decided by the following ways:

Expenditure of electrolysis permanent hair removal - electrolysis permanent hair removal is priced around $25/ hr - $150/hr per treatment. The complete process involves 100-400 hours. It varies with the client and the situation of the hair under consideration. It is suggested by electrologists to spend not more than $250/ week. The average cost of electrolysis techniques varies from $2,000-$20,000 depending upon the condition of hair to be removed.

Cost of permanent hair removal by laser - The cost of laser permanent hair removal is determined by the following methods:

Cost of Hair Removal Flat fee basis is sometimes chosen for determining pricing for laser permanent hair removal techniques. Pricing is settled either with each treatment or for a complete treatment. Sometimes flat fees are decided on the pattern of hair growth. However, some clinics have a package that might not vary with the pattern of hair growth.

Laser permanent hair removal charges are also decided considering segments of 15 minutes. Such pricing pattern depends on technician's speed with using laser, quantity of hair to be removed and speed of the equipment.

Laser permanent hair removal pricing can also be determined by considering pulses required to remove a portion of body hair. Pulses are number of times beams of laser are fired by the equipment. One pulse requires almost 1 second removing approximately hundred hairs ranging from a dime to quarter size of an area. The pricing done considering the pulse decreases with treatments as the amount of hair also decreases. Pricing with pulse also varies with the size of the spot of lasers.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal techniques are slightly more expensive but their advantages attract clients to use the same. Most laser permanent hair removal techniques have almost similar pricing. Clinics using laser removal techniques prefer different structure for pricing for customizing prices to the need of their clients.

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