Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair RemovalElectrology as a permanent hair removal method uses electrolysis. Electricity is applied to the hair follicle at its base and it permanently damages the ability of the hair follicle to regenerate.

Electrolysis is possibly the best available method

Electrolysis permanent hair removal is likely the most effective of all the permanent hair removal methods. Methods of electrolysis have successfully accomplished complete and permanent elimination of unwanted hair. Compared to the other methods, electrolysis as a permanent hair removal method can be applied to every hair and skin type. Other methods cause discoloration, irritation, enhanced activity in hair growth and methods using laser can even be harmful to the health of the patient.

Electrolysis is free of such defects and leaves sleek, smooth and healthy skin. Moreover, it prevents expenses related to lifetime use and maintenance allied with other processes. Electrologists have standards for control of infection based on recommendation from CDC (Center for Disease Control), OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and APIC (the Association for Practitioners in Infection Control and Epidemiology).

Where can we apply the electrolysis permanent hair removal technique?

Hirsutism or excess growth of hairs varies from coarse, dark hair to vellus, fine ones throughout the body. The former are tough to eliminate at one session and require more than one treatment for breaking down the follicles of hair. Electrologists suggest specific treatment for different types of hair. Electrolysis method can be implemented on hair and skin of all types.

Breast, abdomen, chin, eyebrows, lips, chin, bikini lines, underarms, legs, jaw lines and back can be freed from excess hair by electrolysis. Hairs from moles can only be removed after receiving the instructions from a physician. Excess hair generated due to hormonal changes during pregnancy can also be treated by electrolysis permanent hair removal treatment. However, electrologists suggest pregnant clients to consult their physicians beforehand.

Treatment procedures

The treatment of electrolysis permanent hair removal is not same for all clients. It varies with clients and the body part under consideration with each session ranging from 15 minutes to an hour. The element that can influence the sessions of treatment includes temporary methods previously used on that area, amount, growth cycle and shape of the hair present, stress, heredity, some medicinal drug and hormone function.

Hair growth cycle plays a significant role in determining the treatment procedure. Hair growth cycle consists of growth, regeneration and resting phase of hair. Such pattern of hair growth is continued until the formation of hair ceases. Different body hairs have varying cycles of hair growth. It is impossible to view most hair-growth cycles on the skin surface simultaneously. Hair follicles generate hairs with the help of blood supply.

All hair and skin types can be treated by electrolysis permanent hair removal method. Optimal results can be obtained by following the suggested program of treatment.

Post treatment side effects

Electrolysis permanent hair removal offers the most contented experience to the patient that it is implemented on. After the implementation of the treatment, a slight redness varying with individuals is seen. With technological advancements, it is getting more effective and comfortable.

Right people to treat

To have proper electrolysis done, professional electrologists should be chosen. Professional electrologists are required to follow certain standard established by AEA (American Electrologists Association) along with a National Board Certification Credential, CPE (Certified Professional Electrologists). Certification in CPE and membership in AEA allows the electrologists to be updated with their field.

This helps the electrologists to implement the treatment using the latest technologies. They are also very careful while using these technologies. Professional electrologists help in freeing the skin surface from unwanted hair with fewer side effects. Simultaneously, their post treatment consultancy helps in acquiring a healthy, smooth and shiny skin. However, the charges for professional electrologists are very high but the rewards of choosing them are quite beneficial.

Permanent hair removing technique of electrolysis is the most expensive method available. Nevertheless, people prefer it to other methods for its reliability and superiority.

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