Epila Laser Permanent Hair Removal

Epila Hair RemovalHormonal deficiencies result in growth of excess growth of hair at different areas of the body. This results in deteriorating the look and smoothness of the skin. There are temporary and permanent hair removal methods to remove these excess hairs. People prefer the permanent method for its reliability. The skin surface smoothens with minimum side effects using permanent hair removal methods. Laser treatments are used in some permanent hair removal methods. The Epila brand laser device is a recent development in laser permanent hair removal techniques. Wavelengths of 808 nm are emitted directly onto the hair follicles. It removes the hair and simultaneously eliminates the regenerating property of the follicles.

Features of Epila

Epila laser permanent hair removal techniques acquire a powerful semiconductor laser with minimal side effects. Such lasers remove the hair with ease. Its easiness and safety allows people to use it at home by themselves. Epila has adjustable timers and power controller for laser emission in a portable and slim structure. Its size allows people to carry Epila while traveling. Laser beams are emitted from short distance and an optical lens concentrates it. This avoids the person from getting hurt. Epila lasers are suggested to keep from eyes and places with pigment precipitation like nipples. Epila lasers remove the hair in a very short duration from many areas of the body with minimal side effects.

Applicable areas of Epila

The Epila laser permanent hair removal method can be applied anywhere on the body barring areas that are sensitive and reactive to lasers. Even tanned areas should be avoided, as laser can be harmful. People treat areas like armpits, eyebrows, bikini lines, and beard by Epila . When Epila lasers are applied, person can feel an instant shock with the laser's high temperature. Nevertheless, duration of such shocks is too small to be considered. Swelling or redness in the areas might occur following the application of Epila laser but it stays for a very small duration, not more than one day. In addition, the area near the eyes, nose, ears, areolas and genitals should be avoided as these areas are much more sensitive and prone to greater damage if laser rays flashed directly at them.

Length of treatment through Epila

The amount of treatment required to free a part from excessive hair depends on hair growth cycles and the area under consideration. Almost all hairs visible to naked eye are in a stage of growth (anagen phase) every moment. These hairs in anagen phase react instantly to Epila laser therapy. Hairs in resting stage are less responsive to the Epila. The length of treatment also depends on color and density of hair. Hairs darker in color react faster than brighter ones. However, both require at least 5 treatments for most effective outcome. People with thick, dark and lesser hair in shallow areas with light skin are most suited to Epila laser techniques.

Advantages of Epila

Epila offers fast, easy and almost painless treatment. It ensures minimum number of treatments with precision and reliability for permanently removing unwanted hairs. The skin after the treatment with Epila laser becomes fairly soft and shiny.

Effects of improper use of Epila

Retinal damage may occur if there is direct exposure to eyes by Epila lasers. The laser equipments should be kept away from magnetic electricity and exterior impact.

The Epila website is here.

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