Permanent Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair RemovalExcess facial hair in women is called hirsutism. It's the result of abnormal hormonal variation. Many men also face this problem of having excessive facial hair. Nowadays lots of techniques are available to remove this unwanted facial hair, which is a cause of embarrassment for both women and men. Different techniques are available for women and different for men.

Some of the techniques available for women are plucking, waxing, sugaring, lasers, threading, electrolysis, tweezing, and epilation. Among these, plucking, waxing, sugaring and threading are temporary hair removal methods. The application of tweezers goes well for eyebrows, but it is certainly not a recommended method for other facial hair. The main reason behind this is the irritation caused in the hair follicle by repeated plucking.

Therefore, laser hair removal and electrolysis remain the best options for permanent facial hair removal.

Some permanent techniques to remove facial hair are as follows:

Ultra Hair Away

Ultra Hair Away is a technique by which hair growth is stopped through enzyme technology. It is done progressively and naturally, which stops the growth of unwanted hair. Ultra Hair Away changes the structure of the hair follicle. It makes thick coarse hair thinner, softer and smaller just like a baby's.

Laser Hair Removing Technique

The laser light is put on the melanin pigment of the hair follicle under this treatment. The laser treatment is done when the hair growth reaches the appropriate stage since the laser light has to target the hair follicle at a particular stage of hair growth. This treatment is an expensive way of eradicating unwanted hair and it requires an expert medical practitioner.

Application of Vaniqa

Vaniqa is a prescription only topical cream, which is FDA approved. It helps in unwanted growth of facial hair. Its active ingredient eflornithine hydrochloride helps in reducing facial hair growth. It prevents hair growth by producing an enzyme that inhibits cell reproduction and other cell functions. The claim is that Vaniqa starts showing results after application of it twice a day after 4-8 weeks.


The process called electrolysis is also called electrology. This process involves the insertion of a small fine needle into the hair follicle, which has to be done with utmost care and patience. It is followed by firing the pulse of the electric current, which comes from the pointer, which initially damages and eventually destroys the hair follicle.

Multiple sessions are required to achieve complete success through this process. This process is painful too to some extent. There are two types of electrolysis - galvanic electrolysis (direct current electrolysis) and thermolysis (alternating current electrolysis).

Permanent hair removal methods are expensive and require repeated sessions to achieve full success (about 70% desired results are achieved after 3 repeated sessions). Before you choose a permanent hair removal technique one must study the skin type properly and then decide which method will be suitable.

For some people permanent hair removal techniques don't work because their skin is allergic and can't take strong laser rays and also because their hair growth is very thick and rapid.

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