Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal

There are numerous temporary and permanent hair removal methods available like electrolysis, laser, tweezers, transdermal, waxing, shaving, and many others. However, for various reasons, expense, sensitivity to pain, privacy, some do not want to try some of the more permanent methods. There is one method, known as Finally Free permanent hair removal, which claims to overcome the shortcomings of other permanent methods.

This method is claimed to be safe, painless and simple enough to do yourself at home. It uses tweezers (or a patch for larger areas) and a simple radio frequency to destroy the ability of hair to grow back. It can be used anywhere on the body without pain, redness or other side effects.

Finally Free permanent hair removal

Finally Free Hair Removal Finally Free has a patented method that claims that radio frequencies can be sent down the shaft of a hair and have a drying and coagulating effect upon the hair follicle. They claim it is a clinically proven method and that it is as effective as electrolysis but without the pain and scarring side effects. The manufacturer states that it can be used anywhere on your body, face, underarm, bikini line or legs. It does only have a low wattage and thus it will possibly take about 5-6 minutes to remove hair (although on the website it claims to take only a minute or so), so be prepared to wait that long for each hair that you want removed.

Two methods with this device

Finally Free permanent hair removal system comes with a specially designed pair of tweezers meant only to hold each individual hair, not to pluck it with, but to hold the hair tight enough that when the bulb is dried it will just slide out of the hair follicle space.

The second method that comes with the Finally Free system are three patches that come in several sizes and shapes. These have been treated with a RF conducting gel, so that after a minute or so (according to the Manufacturer) you only need to lift the patch and wash with a washcloth. The hairs are said to come out and not grow back again.

Results to expect

Although the manufacturer states that “Independent clinical studies show that an amazing 60% of the treated hairs will be permanently removed in the first session,” you need to expect to use up to 5 applications to remove a section of hairs with a patch.

Scientific studies

Scientific studies on the conductivity of hair follicles have shown that hair does not have the ability to conduct radio frequencies and hence, the mechanism of this instrument is not supported by scientific facts.

The Finally Free website is here.

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