Flash Lamp Permanent Hair Removal

Flashlamp Hair RemovalOne of the permanent ways in unwanted hair removal is the use of flash lamps. The flash lamp permanent hair removal method is considered to be an effective method employed by people all over the world.


Initially, Xenon flash lamps were used for energy source for laser beams. Along with lasers, they were used for only medical purposes such as treatment of eye and skin disorders. In 1990, the researchers were exploring the use of flashlamps for the treatment of vascular lesions. With promising results, the US FDA cleared it in the same year. One study on the use of flash lamps indicated hair loss as a side effect of treatment for vascular lesions. This encouraged one manufacturer to apply and get clearance for using it for hair loss from FDA in 1997. Thus, the use of flash lamps in hair removal was started.

How it works

The flash lamp permanent hair removal device uses full-spectrum (non-coherent) lights. This light along with low-range infrared radiation is filtered to allow a specified wavelength light. This filtered light is flashed from a hand piece into the skin, targeting the pigment in the hair. The light is intended to cause thermal and mechanical damage to hair follicles without affecting the surrounding parts.

The main differences between a laser and flashlamp hair remover are the use of lights of different wavelengths and size and shape of light spot. The flashlamps, also called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and ILS (Intense Light Source) have rectangular shaped beams covering more area than the round spot used in laser models. The clinical data obtained by use of the flashlamp devices indicates encouraging results.

Advantage and disadvantages

The advantages of using flashlamps include encouraging results, safe usage and usefulness in large areas like back and legs. Re-growth of hair is lighter in color and fine texture. Ineffectiveness on un-pigmented, red and blonde hair and expensiveness are the main disadvantages in its use.

Light has always been a source of energy. The use of light energy has been effectively used for the benefit of man-kind. The flashlamp permanent hair removal method has employed one of the best resources for the beautification of human beings.

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