Permanent Hair Removal at Home

Permanent hair removal techniques at home are usually not as effective as those done by experts in their clinics. Permanent hair removal techniques used at home are less expensive than those done at a clinic. However, doing this at home is private and more convenient than getting it done at a clinic.

Some of the permanent hair removal techniques at home are as follows:

Application of Vaniqa

Vaniqa is a basically a topical cream that is approved by FDA. It is used to retard the undesired hair growth of facial hair. Its active ingredient eflornithine hydrochloride stimulates the secretion of hormone, which is responsible in inhibition of facial hair growth. Vaniqa starts showing results after application of it twice a day after 4-8 weeks. However, men, pregnant or nursing women, cannot use it, as there is lack of scientific studies done to show effectiveness and side effects.


The process called Electrolysis is also called Electrology. This process involves the insertion of a small fine needle into the hair follicle which has to be done with utmost care and patience, it's followed by firing the pulse of the electric current which comes from the pointer which initially damages and eventually destroys the hair follicle. Multiple sessions are required to achieve complete success through this process. This process is also painful to some extent. There are two types of electrolysis---Galvanic Electrolysis (Direct Current Electrolysis) and Thermolysis (Alternating Current Electrolysis).

a) Galvanic Electrolysis-In galvanic electrolysis, a direct electric current is passed onto the hair follicle with the help of a needle. It acts on the tissue of the hair follicle and produces sodium hydroxide (Lye), a caustic agent that destroys the hair bulb and dermal papilla. Since in this case certain chemicals are the base of hair destruction one must first test it out on a small section of one's body and then only continue if one finds it suitable for one's skin.

b) Thermolysis: Thermolysis uses a high frequency alternating current that is also passed down a needle to the hair follicle as in the case of galvanic electrolysis. The current produced in this case is of high frequency compared to the galvanic technique by molecular vibration. So in this case it is thermal energy, which is used to destroy the hair bulb and not chemical as in the case of the galvanic method. This is a more recent invention and is popular amongst many people.

Ultra Hair Away

Ultra Hair Away Hair Removal Method Ultra Hair Away is a technique in which hair growth is stopped by using plant enzyme technology. It is done progressively and naturally, which stop the growth of unwanted hair. Ultra Hair Away changes the structure of the hair follicle. It makes thick coarse hair thinner, softer and smaller just like a baby's. It's a topical solution made from plant enzymes. This can also be used at home but the solution has to be shown to a doctor before use.

Home permanent hair removal is obviously less expensive than paying a professional to perform the hair removal for you. However, it has its own disadvantages. It is very difficult to perform some of these processes like electrolysis because it requires certain amount of skill. Without any real training, the side effects of redness, swelling, and irritation can be worse and long lasting. It is always the safest and best option to seek help of qualified professional to achieve desired results.

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