Microwave Permanent Hair Removal

Microwave hair removal is one of the more doubtful methods of permanent hair removal. Although approved by the FDA, only one company has been approved to sell devices used to remove hair with this method, and they have sold very few of them. Both its safety and effectiveness have not been proven scientifically.

How it works

Microwaves similar to those used in microwave ovens are the main source in this device. Microwaves are radio waves with short frequency range. One of the interesting characters of microwaves is its nature of being absorbed by water, fats and sugar. Once absorbed, these waves cause the molecules in the absorbed things to vibrate, resulting in the generation heat. This property of the microwaves is best exploited in microwave ovens for heating the things placed inside the oven.

This same property is used in microwave permanent hair removal - the skin is heated and the thermal energy causes the destruction of the hair-growing cells.


Microwave Hair Removal Method The main shortfall in the apparatus is its nature of heating up the surrounding tissues also while focused on a particular area of target. It can heat the water and fat in the area in addition to the hair parts. There is every possibility that the eyes get damaged when used against the face. This indiscriminate heating nature of the microwaves is its biggest drawback and is the reason for its limited use. However, the machine is found to be more effective when used with a metal probe.


The use of this device is not advised by any medical practitioner because of non-availability of adequate data on its safety and effectiveness. As a matter of fact, when in 1999 the device was introduced in the market, the US Food and Drug Association cleared the apparatus only for the body and not for the face. Only one company in the US was allowed to sell this machine at that time. Unfortunately, that company was not able to sell many units.

People should also realize the potential and inherent dangers associated with the chemicals and energies used in the methods for hair removal that may cause more damage than benefit and try to avoid using them. In the quest for hairless body, let us not focus ourselves to more hassles.

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