Permanent Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic Hair RemovalHair grows on almost all parts of the human body except on palms, lips, the soles of the feet, and certain areas of genital structure. The amount of hair growth varies and the amount depends on many individual factors, genealogy (Germans produce much more body hair than Native Americans do), health, age, and other factors. There are many reasons for hair removal - religious, social, medical and personal. Men and women everywhere indulge in pubic hair removal for sexual purposes.

Some depilatory methods like shaving, waxing, and epilatory methods like tweezing, plucking have temporary results only and are uncomfortable during the re-growth of the pubic hair. Permanent pubic hair removal methods like electrolysis, laser and flash lamp treatments have met with fair amount of success, prompting more and more people turning to them for removing their hair. This article tries to explain some of the permanent pubic hair removal techniques.


This is fairly successful and one of the time-tested methods for removing one's hair from the chosen area. Electricity is sent through a metal probe inserted into the hair follicles, without making any puncture on the skin. The electricity damages the hair particles in the metal probe areas. Three methods are being used in this process. Chemical, heat, or a blend of both is being based upon the reaction the electricity is having either with the salt or with water on the skin or with water molecules on the skin or both.

In the chemical methods, electric current makes the salt and water on the body to react forming sodium hydroxide, called lye, which when produced destroy the hair-growing cells. Water molecules, which vibrate on the passing of current through them, produce heat energy, which destroy the cells responsible for growing hair. One main disadvantage in this technique is the requirement of the service of a third person for doing this. Success depends upon his or her versatility.

Light energy based treatment

The ability of light source of energy destroying the hair follicles is better exploited in the light energy based treatments. Laser and flash lamps are the two of light sources in this method. In this type of technique, we observe mainly hair reduction and not much permanent hair removal. While a lot of light is being used in laser type devices, lights of only specified wavelength is being used in flash lamps. The main drawbacks in this process are the fact that it is more useful for removing hair from larger areas and it requires the services of a qualified person. This method has been found more effective on black hair and not that much on grey, red and blonde hairs.

Some doubtful methods

Transdermal electrolysis and Transcutaneous are some of the doubtful methods used for removing hair from pubic areas. The passing of electricity through cotton swab or through adhesive patches, respectively in these methods, damages the hair follicles by getting in to the hair root. Nevertheless, the claim of the promoters that the electric current passing through the hair, lack of credibility exists because of the scientific fact that hair is a poor conductor of electricity.

Oral medications

Some medicines are found to be very effective in retarding the growth of hair. However, they have side effects. They can only be administered with the help of a physician.

Permanent pubic hair removal is a case of one's choice. Selecting the wrong method may cause unwanted side effects, which may be more serious than the unwanted hair in the first place.


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