Temporary Hair Removal Methods

Temporary Hair RemovalTemporary hair removal can be achieved through either depilation or epilation methods. While removing of hair above the skin is known as depilation, the process of damaging skin cells deep into the skin is known as epilation. The duration of depilation is for several days and the duration of epilation lasts for several weeks or more.


In this temporary hair removal method, various processes such as shaving or trimming, using of depilatories and friction, remove only hair on the skin.


The best-known method for temporary hair removal is shaving. There is a whole lot of equipment available on the market for shaving. The shaving equipment comes in various handy sizes both in disposable and reusable shavers that depend upon disposable blades. They also come designed for men or for women. There are various advantages and disadvantages in the use of razors. The advantages of shaving as a temporary hair removal method are the fact that they are inexpensive, safe and can be used at home, conveniently and privately. But the effects are only temporary. It needs to be done daily and the blades (or disposable razors) used require frequent replacement.


Depilatories are chemicals used for dissolving hair at the skin's surface. This temporary hair removal method is cheap, fast and causing no pain to the user. Nevertheless, the method has its own disadvantages such as temporary nature of the results and the side effects of the chemical used on some skin.


Friction is another temporary hair removal method used by some. It is a less common method and mainly used for removing hair on the legs. This method requires the use of a rough surface that is rubbed on the surface of the skin to remove hair from the treated area. Even though the results do not last long, it is still widely used because it is less costly, less painful and has no risk of bleeding as there is with shaving. The main drawback in this is its restricted use on large areas with skin that can handle the rough treatment like the legs. The hair on face or on bikini area of women can not be removed in this way.


Under this temporary hair removal method, the hair inside the skin is removed by damaging the cells responsible for the growth. Some epilation methods are given below.


Tweezing is the removal of a single hair or a few hairs using an instrument known as a tweezers. The limitation of this is its effectiveness in certain areas such as the eyebrows, and face. It is not practical to use on larger areas. This method should be used very carefully on certain areas like the eyebrows as doing it incorrectly can remove part of the eyebrow and make you look strange. You would need the help of other people if you were tweezing certain areas, such as the chin and even eyebrows if you cannot see well enough to look in a mirror.


One of the oldest but still used temporary hair removal methods is sugaring. This is very simple to do. You just apply a sticky paste on the surface of the skin first. Then press a strip of cloth or paper on the applied area. Remove the cloth or paper quickly. The hair on the skin surface come along with the paste uprooted from inside the skin. This method is very cost effective and can be performed by the person herself at home depending on the area treated. But the results may not be very effective because of inconsistent removal of hair. Sometimes the hair gets broken either at or below the surface of the skin.


Waxing is another ancient method similar to sugaring. In place of sticky paste, hot wax is used. All the difficulties and shortfalls with sugaring exist with waxing also. Additionally, some wax can infect skin.


This method has been is use in Arab countries and Egypt and is less common in the West. It is not something you can do yourself so it requires the services of a practitioner. He/she holds one end of a cotton thread in his/her teeth and the other end in his/her left hand. He/she makes a loop in the middle portion of the thread by using his middle and index fingers of his/her right hand. The practitioner to trap and remove the unwanted hair from the skin uses the loop so formed. This type of hair removal is very effective on eyebrows and facial hair. Like any temporary hair removal method, it is also less expensive, fast and neat. But the lack of good professionals to perform this and some side effects like folliculitis, skin reddening and bacterial infection are some disadvantages in this method.

Rotary epilators

The equipment used in this method is similar to razors used in shaving. However, they differ from the use of blades. Instead of metal blades, rows of tweezers are used for pulling hair out from skin root. They can be effectively used on legs and arms. While using the rotary epilators, the skin must be pulled tight lest it should pinch the skin.

The temporary hair removal methods as the name indicates are short-lived by nature perhaps reminding us of man's fight against nature is only temporary and ongoing without any permanent solution.


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